8 Affordable Summer Date Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

Ahh, sweet summertime. You know, the time when parents all around spend countless hours scheming up a slew of family-friendly activities and getaways—whether near or far, far away from the hustle and bustle.

But, what about giving your significant other some extra attention and using this season to focus on a handful of fun outings just the two of you can enjoy? No, I’m not talking about simply finding your spot on the couch to stay inside, and binge watch the latest Netflix craze.

Instead, I’m thinking more outside the box. After all, there are so many fun, outdoorsy things you can do to savor the long, sunny days—without burning a hole in your pocket. And, for that reason, I’ve gathered my top eight affordable summer date ideas you can choose from to keep the spark alive in your relationship!

1. Treat your sweetie to some scoops.

affordable summer date ideas

This may seem like an obvious choice, and for a good reason as there’s nothing better than cooling off with a frozen treat after a long day of sun and fun. But, don’t just stick to the usual Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip. Instead, pop into an ice cream shop you’ve yet to explore, and grab a variety of scoops to taste various flavor combinations. The person with the best combo wins an at-home massage or home-cooked meal!

2. Break a sweat.

And, not just by catching some rays in your beach or pool lounge chair. I’m thinking more along the lines of an early morning hike along some local trails, a bike ride, stand up paddle boarding or kayaking, or even a run for a good cause! The opportunities to burn some calories and stay fit as a couple during the summer months are truly endless. And, it gives you a fresh break from the gym, which you can hit up anytime throughout the year!

3. Float your worries away.

affordable summer date ideas

Make it a group couples’ outing and grab some friends to go floating in a tube down a lazy river near your hometown. It’s the perfect way to soak up the great outdoors and scenery while staying cool! If you’re in the Williamsburg, Virginia area like your travel BFFs here at Tripbound, check out this post that highlights the seven best lazy rivers in Virginia.

And, if you’re not feeling up to making a day or weekend out of it, purchase a fun float and walk to your neighborhood pool to relax and slow things down.

4. Wander around the farmer’s market.

It seems as if a farmer’s market is a must on almost everyone’s summer bucket list thanks to fresh picked and locally grown produce, flowers, and baked goods. Make a morning date out of it to sample various items from different vendors and even buy some ingredients to cook up a new meal together.

5. Cook up some romance.

affordable summer date ideas

Speaking of cooking, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the meals you make in the comforts of your home. And, some days can be so hot that the last thing you feel like doing is turning on the oven and warming up the entire house. So, freshen things up a bit by browsing Pinterest for an easy summer recipe you two can cook up together outside on the patio while grilling it up!  

6. Seek out some amusement.

Sometimes, as a parent, it can be super tricky to satisfy your adventure seeker side when you have kids in tow for a day at an amusement park. They might not meet the height requirement just yet, or they are downright terrified of any and all rides. All that said, consider dropping the kids off at their grandparents’ house or scheduling a play date with their friends. That way, you two can find your inner kid and make a beeline for those grown-up rides.

7. Sample various cuisines.

affordable summer date ideas

If you and your S.O. have different tastes when it comes to cuisine, there’s no need for you to spend any time debating where to go to dinner when food trucks exist. Whether you’re craving BBQ, summer rolls, fish tacos, or all of the above, create your own lunch or dinner menu by visiting various restaurants on wheels in your local area. To scout out where they’re parked and when, check out Roaming Hunger (you can even download the app on your phone!).

8. Festival or concert it up.

Amazing music, tasty food and drinks, and good vibes—what more could you want in a romantic summer date? Best of all, many communities often host summer concert series or festivals for free. With the help of the Eventbrite app and Live Nation app, you can explore all the local events in your area right from your phone.

And, there you have it, friend. These affordable summer date ideas are equal parts fun and romantic, and perfect for helping you keep the spark alive this season in the midst of quality family time and hectic schedules!  

If you’re craving more than just a day or night time date, and want a weekend getaway—near or far—give your travel BFFs at Tripbound a call today at 1-888-816-5214. We’ll match you and your significant other with the perfect vacation—one that’s filled with plenty of alone time and relaxation!  

Do you have a favorite summer date idea that’s not listed here? Share it with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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