5 Budget-Friendly Products for Summer Safety

Happy summer, travel friends! The sun is shining, and warm weather has finally arrived. Summer fun can be heard all over towns near and far. Giggles and laughter fill the air as kids are having the time of their lives enjoying the rest and relaxation of this special season.

As much fun as summer is, however, it also seems to be the time of year for the most injuries, sunburns, and water accidents. Reason being, with fun comes more possibilities for mishaps and hazards, which can easily be prevented by having the right safety products on hand.

For that reason, I’m back on the blog today to share my family’s top five favorite products for ultimate summer safety!

1. Life Jackets

Practicing good water safety habits is always an essential part of keeping our kids out of harm’s way during the summer. That said, life jackets, pool rules, and swimming lessons are always a requirement in our household.

As a parent of young kids, it’s hard to know what the best products are for proper water safety. And, finding the best life jacket for the little ones can be tricky. Not only do you want to find one they feel comfortable in, but also one that provides protection. My kids loved their puddle jumper life jackets.

budget-friendly products for summer safety

They were a great way to get them relaxed with the water and also helped them feel secure.

Other excellent life jacket recommendations include Stearns Infant Classic Vest, Body Glove Paddle Pals, and the Stohlquist Toddler Life Jacket to name a few.

2. Sunscreens

budget-friendly products for summer safety

When it comes to sunscreen, there are so many options to choose from. It can be an overwhelming decision for us parents—from lotions to sprays, roll-ons, and more! I find everyone has their own personal preference as to what works well for their family and what doesn’t. But, to help you out, our staff here at Tripbound loves to lather our kids up in the following sunscreens for proper sun safety.

  • Babyganics Sunscreen – this brand carries a sunscreen line that’s hands down the favorite among our staff with young children. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is also a fantastic product for keeping that baby skin pure and sweet. One of the best parts about the sunscreen is its thickness for added protection, without the heavy sunscreen smell. Best of all, there’s even a sunscreen stick you can purchase, which makes it easy for your mini-mes to apply on their own!
  • Neutrogena Pure & Free® & Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids – Neutrogena provides great coverage for your active toddlers. The Wet Skin Kids formula is ideal for easy reapplying on a busy pool or beach day. And, the Pure & Free formula offers mineral sun protection for kids with sensitive skin.
  • NO-AD Sunscreen – For those with elementary-aged kiddos and young adults, this brand tends to be a popular pick. Reason being, it’s easy to apply and reapply on those older kiddos who don’t want to waste any time and jump right into the pool. So, lather up! And, for the super active kiddos, you can choose to go with the spray bottle. Either way, this sunscreen is top-notch and heavily backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


3. Sun Protection Accessories

The best advice my pediatrician ever gave me for establishing healthy sun safety habits with my kids was to encourage them to wear protective clothing and accessories while soaking up the rays.

Needless to say, this mama doesn’t mess around with sun safety! My kids know that if the sun is bright, they must wear a hat.

budget-friendly products for summer safety

And, after a recent scare with sun damage myself, they’ll forever wear swim caps when outside on a hot summer day.

Ultimately, because it is nearly impossible to apply sunscreen in your kids’ hair, a cute swim cap like these fish swim caps from EVERSPORT are the perfect addition to your summer safety shopping list.

4. Beach Tents

Do you plan on spending some long days in the sun this summer? Dermatologists recommend avoiding the sun between the hours of 10am and 2pm—when the rays are at their strongest.

This is often difficult to do, however, when your vacation days or weekends are based on fun in the sun. So, be sure to invest in a quality beach umbrella or canopy. Your skin and your kids’ skin will thank you.

budget-friendly products for summer safety

Tripbound’s favorite beach umbrella pick is the Sport-Brella. This easy-to-use umbrella, which you can set up or break down in minutes, is multipurpose for both long days at the beach or the ball field—rain or shine. Yes, it’s water repellent and provides weather protection!

5. First Aid Kits

budget-friendly products for summer safety

One of my favorite pieces of advice for new parents is to always keep a well-stocked first aid kit with you everywhere you go. You never know when an accident can happen, and being prepared always helps make your little ones feel less scared when they do arise. We have first aid kits of various sizes in our kitchen, cars, pool bags; you name it. Can you tell I like to be prepared?

Also, if your family is anything like mine, you may have certain medications you MUST carry with you everywhere you go. My son is highly allergic to certain bug bites and bee stings. Therefore, Benadryl must be within reach at all times.

It’s helpful to have a safe place to store it all. Thankfully, most first aid kits come pre-stocked with everything you need for a minor emergency (skinned knees, minor bumps, and bruises).

Frugal Travel Mama Bonus Tip: A prime time to stock up on first aid kits and supplies is during Target’s buy $20 and get $5 gift card special. During this time, the store generally offers free Band-Aids or Neosporin to ensure your first aid kit is stocked to the brim.

In the end, summer safety is of the utmost importance. Again, so many accidents and injuries can be easily avoided with the right supplies and preparedness.

Now that you’ve got the right tips and products to steer clear of summer mishaps, grab that swimsuit and head down to the pool or jet off on vacation with your bag full of items so everyone can kick back and relax. Here’s to a fun, happy, and safe summer, travel lovers!

What are your go-to summer safety products? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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