Paradise Found: The Margaritaville Resorts

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Whether you’re a diehard Parrot Head, or just a lover of that beach bum lifestyle, the Margaritaville themed hotels and vacation clubs offer a unique blend of amenities and atmosphere that could only be inspired by Jimmy Buffet himself. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no Buffet fan. Maybe it’s the music. Ok, it’s exactly the music. But if you take that away, you have to agree the man has a pretty good approach to life. The same love of the island lifestyle, relaxing vibes, and liberal use of tropical themed libations that flows through his lyrics provide the centerpiece for the Margaritaville Hotels and Vacation Clubs. Please consider yourself warned, the puns contained in this post, and trust me–there will be many, are also part and parcel of the Margaritaville experience. But as cheese ball as it sounds to name a menu item at the resort restaurant ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’, it somehow becomes strangely endearing. The good times are infectious at all the Margaritaville resorts and hotels. Tripbound, in their continual mission to provide a truly one of a kind vacation experience, is proud to welcome the Wyndham Rio Mar Margaritaville, Wyndham St. Thomas Margaritaville, and the Margaritaville Island Hotel at Pigeon Forge to their portfolio of excellent resorts. Let’s take a look at all they have to offer.

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Wyndham Rio Mar Margaritaville (Puerto Rico):

Puerto Rico is an island full of stunning contrast. Rugged tropical rainforest, bucolic countryside, bustling city centers, and of course–simply stunning beaches. The Wyndham Rio Mar Margaritaville Vacation Club also offers some interesting contrasts. You can either have your margarita frozen or not frozen. You can also pack your days full of tropical adventure, or simply settle into a seaside hammock for a mixed drink induced slumber.

Set just 30-miles away from the endlessly historic Old San Juan, the Rio Mar Margaritaville is simply put, paradise found. Spanning over 500-acres, this resort is a tropical oasis that harmoniously pays tribute to the surrounding El Yunque Nat’l Forest, the only tropical rain forest in the entire national park system. This sprawling getaway also features a mind and belt blowing 10 restaurants, luxuriously full service spa, well-groomed golf course, and casino with some of the loosest slots around. Confession; I’m not sure if that’s true, I’ve just always wanted to write “loosest slots around”. I guess you’ll have to find that one out for yourself.

But the real star of any tropical playground has to be the beach. And in this regard, the Rio Mar Margaritaville truly delivers. The mile-long stretch of sun soaked Caribbean beach is exactly what Jimmy Buffet has spent endless albums trying to describe. Grab a chair, or beach blanket, and watch your cares float away over the horizon.

Not a literal beach bum, then you’ll probably need a place to sleep too. Whelp, you’re in luck, because the Rio Mar offers studio accommodations that perfectly complete your stay in paradise. Rooms boast modern décor with a decidedly tropical flair, ample amenities, and stunning views of the forested mountains or sweeping ocean views. Mini kitchens will more than handle those late night snacks and morning coffees. And every room features its own margarita maker. After all, this is Margaritaville.

Source: Margaritaville Vacation Club


Wyndham St. Thomas Margaritaville

St. Thomas is arguably already one of the most sought after tropical destinations around. But the Wyndham St. Thomas Margaritaville Vacation Resort Club takes that up to a whole new level. Just as the songs and carefree Buffet lifestyle have inspired the Wyndham St. Thomas Margaritaville Vacation Club, the idyllic Virgin Islands provided the fuel for many of Jimmy Buffet’s greatest hits. It’s the classic chicken, egg, and palm gently swaying in the ocean breeze scenario.

Located right on the stunningly scenic, but boringly named Water Bay on St. Thomas’ eastern end, the resort delivers the perfect Oceanside setting for your tropical escape. Warmly bask in the sand and sea along the resort’s idyllically groomed beachfront. Take a refreshing dip in the stunning pool, complete with amazing views of the bay and ample seating. The onsite ‘Margaritaville’ restaurant is your chance to let your taste buds experience the best of Buffet themed dishes. I told you the puns are coming, right? Frozen, shaken, or stirred, ‘The 5 O’Clock Somewhere’ Bar (watch out, that one almost hit you in the head!) will transport you to even the deepest B-side Buffet track with expertly crafted drinks.

Of course the accommodations here are just as noteworthy. Studios, one, two, or three bedroom units serve up a perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Enjoy the plush bedding, island themed décor, and a list of amenities that include everything from Wi-Fi to your own personal kitchen. There’s even a queen size sofa bed, which is especially helpful after you discover the in-room frozen margarita machine.

Source: Margaritaville Vacation Club


Margaritaville Island Hotel at Pigeon Forge:

Here are some things we can all agree go together; steak & potatoes, wrinkle-free khakis & shoes that don’t match your belt, and finally, bumper stickers & a tenuous grasp on contemporary issues. But how about this one; Tennessee and the tropics. Well, until the Margaritaville Island Hotel at Pigeon Forge came along, I would have agreed with that. Now you can find your island attitude among the Great Smoky Mountain altitude–gross, I’m so sorry for that one. But as ‘punny’ as this is, it is the absolute truth. For generations, we have flocked to the Smoky Mountains, but now it’s time to experience something truly unexpected; the Margaritaville Island Hotel. Laid back southern hospitality combines with the even more laid back Jimmy Buffet way of life. If you can’t relax here, well, that one is on you. Situated on Pigeon Forge’s fake island known as “The Island,” the Margaritaville Hotel puts you at the center of the best entertainment and attractions in all of the Great Smokies. Rustic details somehow blend seamlessly with island décor to create a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.

Top shelf amenities are standard fare at this playful resort. Find your tropical vibe at the outdoor, rooftop pool. Grab a taste of the tropics at either of the two bars or the ‘Changes in Latitude’ lobby bar. Or relax the day away at the ‘St. Somewhere Spa.’ Luxury abounds in the studio and one-bedroom units. Rooms feature a romantic fireplace, spacious layouts, and partial kitchens outfitted with everything needed to keep the party going all night long. Or at least until your significant other tells you to quit singing those Buffet songs!

And of course, you’re smack dab in the middle of all the best stuff the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer, and only 15-minutes from the national park. Go whitewater rafting, take a zip line tour, or bungee jump with some of the loosest bungee cords around. I’m kidding, I’m sure they are the normal amount of looseness for bungee cords. Remember the island I tried to sell you on before? Well, this one has 15 wide ranging restaurants, a bevy of unique boutiques and shops, and weirdly enough, a 200-foot ferris wheel. Just go with it, you’ll be glad you did.


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