Top 5 Tuesday: Exciting Caribbean Excursions

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More often than not,  a Caribbean vacation and checking an item off your bucket list  are one in the same. But for the travelers that crave adventure AND ambiance, the hundreds of islands found in the cerulean sea serve as both a launching pad and a playground. This Tuesday, Tripbound is tempting you with five exciting, Caribbean excursions. Whether you’re an adrenaline-junkie or a nature-lover, the diverse range of activities found on our list will be ideal additions to your own tropical bucket list.

Top 5: Exciting Caribbean Excursions

Bahamas-Swim with Sea Creatures

Swim with sharks, and other sea creatures, in the Bahamian reefs.

Swim with sharks, and other sea creatures, in the Bahamian reefs.

Stretching south from the tip of Florida, the 700 plus islands of the Bahamas are the place to see, and swim with, sea creatures. Home to the third largest barrier reef in the world, the ecological encounters you’ll have in the colorful Caribbean will go unmatched. Three miles from Nassau on Blue Lagoon Island, travelers have the opportunity to meet sea lions and dolphins in their natural habitats. Want to sink your teeth into something a little meatier? Long Island’s Stella Maris Shark Reef is the spot to shark dive. Here you can swim with hammerheads, makos, and bull sharks, and even stroke the friendly nurse sharks.

Dominican Republic-Zipline at Cap Cana’s Scape Park

Fly down the zipline at Scape Park.

Fly down the zipline at Scape Park.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and forested with tropical jungles, it shouldn’t be a surprise that nearly a quarter of the Dominican Republic’s natural landscape has remained preserved. The best way to explore the DR’s great outdoors – ziplining of course! These half-day excursions allow you to soar from treetop to treetop, seeing what life is like atop the forest canopies of the Caribbean. At Cape Cana’s Scape Park, you’ll find the country’s longest and fastest zipline. For an aerial adventure, complete with panoramic shots of scenery and the feeling of flying, ziplining is the way to go.

Mexico-Eco-tour Xel-Ha 

Snorkel all day in the natural aquarium of Xel-Ha.

Snorkel all day in the natural aquarium of Xel-Ha.

Whether it’s the zesty culture,  the remnants of ancient civilizations, or the 120 kilometers of Caribbean coastline, the Riviera Maya has a special sparkle. For an aquatic adventure seemingly created by the Mayan gods themselves, swim on over to Xel-Ha. A natural aquarium just south of Cancun, this theme park combines swimming, snorkeling, and sea life to show its visitors the most spectacular side of the Mexican Caribbean. If the sharks and stingrays aren’t scary enough, dive off the Cliffs of Courage or cross the rope-joined platforms of Trepachanga – activities perfect for adrenaline junkies who don’t mind splishing, splashing, and belly flopping.

Puerto Rico-Hike in El Yunque

Explore the Caribbean rainforest by hiking in El Yunque.

Explore the Caribbean rainforest by hiking in El Yunque.

Fusing Spanish, African, and Indian lifestyles into a tropical atmosphere of sun-warmed beaches and mountainous terrain, la isla del encanto of Puerto Rico lives up to its name, enchanting us all. The Caribbean National Forest, known more commonly as El Yunque, invites you to explore four ecosystems and over 28,000 acres of lush landscapes. Hosting indigenous animals like the Puerto Rican parrot, Boa constrictors, and tiny coqui tree frogs, you can experience all the liveliness this wet wonderland has to offer without packing your passport. Whether you’re scaling the the mountain summits, hiking the trails sprinkled with tropical ferns and palm trees, or taking a dip in one of the tucked away waterfalls, the Puerto Rican rainforest is your backyard.

St. Maarten-Pinel Island Hopping

Pinel Island, ideal for hopping and catamaraning from St. Maarten. : Explore Pinel Island via kayak or paddle board!


Though it’s the smallest land mass to be owned by two different nations, St. Martin (French)/St. Maarten (Dutch) is home to the Caribbean’s largest lagoon and the world’s largest yachts. And with so many ways to see the sea, it’s no wonder water-based tourism is the winner. Spend the day island-hopping from French side to Dutch side,  or catamaran to the uninhabited and unspoiled islands of the sea. Accessible by ferry boat, kayak, or paddle board, the secluded Pinel Island is a small slice of St. Maarten paradise.  Boasting the island’s best snorkeling, an untouched beach, and the celebrated Yellow Restaurant,  Pinel Island is a St. Maarten treasure that should not be buried.

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