Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Food Cities

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How about a vacation where the packing list consists of control-top, elastic waist band pants instead of that itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini? Travel and food are entangled in an elaborate relationship, case in point: wherever you go, you need to eat! Though the foodie cities in America may not be as gourmet as the French or as traditional as the Italians,  they meld a variety of global experiences and regional specialties into the American melting pot. This Tuesday, Tripbound encourages you to flex your taste buds and travel with your stomach by visiting our ‘Favorite Food Cities’ in North America.

Top 5: Favorite Food Cities in North America 

  • Chicago, Illinois: Meat lovers will meet their match after a culinary tour of Chicago. With deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, and hot dogs that have been ‘dragged through the garden’; (i.e. topped with bell peppers, sweet relish, and a pickle spear), you’ll be winded just thinking about all these Windy City calories. Prefer sugar to protein? Pop on in to a Garrett Popcorn Shop for a bag of their Chicago Mix, a unique combination of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn.
Deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in Chicago.

Deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Nashville, Tennessee: You don’t need cowboy boots and a fiddle to eat like a country music star! While Music Row is lined with record labels, East Nashville is lined with local labels; farmers’-markets and fresh produce. The Music City has welcomed farm-to-table dining, even when it comes to down home-cooking. Whether it’s Prince’s Hot Chicken or sweet potato pancakes from the Pancake Factory, the country crooning and culinary creations of Nashville will be music to both your ears and your stomach!
Hot Chicken from Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville.

Hot Chicken from Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Shout olé to molé in the spicy city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Similar to Oaxaca’s rich and flavorful heritage, molé is a rich and flavorful sauce, prepared with ground chili peppers. Is your acid reflux flaring up? Cool down with a fresh fruit ice cream or nieves, locally made by one of the many vendors in front of the Basilica de la Soledad. If your “spice tooth” wasn’t satisfied by the molé and you crave a delicacy more natural than the nieves, crunch into a few chapulines, commonly known as toasted grasshoppers. A popular legend even states that if you eat a chapuline, you will return to Oaxaca one day!
The molé sampler at Los Pacos in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The molé sampler at Los Pacos in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • San Francisco, California: Like its trademark Golden Gate Bridge, the cuisine of San Francisco is a golden bridge of cultures, styles, and choices. Though the Dungeness crab and sourdough bread are beloved staples in a San Franciscan’s diet, ironically the fortune cookie and Chicken Tetrazzini were born on the bay as well. Wash down your ‘Friscan feast with a martini at Martuni’s or stretch your stomachs even further with a short drive to California’s Wine Country. No matter what you eat in the City by the Bay, you’ll be fuller than the “Full House” house.
Sourdough bread from the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, California.

Sourdough bread from the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco, California.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Though Santa Fe is a thriving art community of painters and sculptors, a recent culinary awakening has brought creative chefs to this desert oasis. The best New Mexican cooking this side of the border, Santa Fe excels in fajitas, tacos, and a stacked green chili enchilda. However, you can also find Southwestern flavors fusing into Mediterranean, Italian, and Texas cuisines when you venture to the streets of Santa Fe. Inspired by all the artistic masterpieces? Get your creative juices flowing with a Frito pie at the Five and Dime General Store. After just one bite into this bag of cheesy, meaty deliciousness, you’ll be painting like Da Vinci in a pinchy!
Frito pie from the Five and Dime General Store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Frito pie from the Five and Dime General Store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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