Top 5 Tuesday: Ridge on Sedona Resort

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Location, location, location.  Even your real estate baron of a friend, the one currently living in his mom’s basement, pretends to know this basic truth.  And when it comes to vacationing, this age old adage rings just as true.  But imagine if you could stay at a resort perfectly located in a premier destination, and not sacrifice the amazing accommodations you deserve.  Well, then you could only be talking about the Ridge on Sedona.

So join me as I take a look at what makes the  Sedona area so great, and why the Ridge on Sedona is such a hidden gem.

Explore Sedona!

Sedona’s most instantly recognizable feature is the otherworldly crimson cliffs that dominate the landscape; known simply as the Red Rocks. Those seeking the natural beauty and the spiritual rejuvenation only Sedona offers, are also struck by the wide array of quaint boutiques, unique eateries, and artisan galleries spread throughout the city.  The city has a well-established reputation as an artist’s conclave.  So expect to run into your fair share of weirdo hippies, but I think that is actually half the fun of it.  Plus, excess hippies equal the deepest discounts on turquoise jewelry this side of the Mississippi.  A great place to check out the distinctly southwestern wares and atmosphere is at the Tlaquepaque; Sedona’s original Arts & Crafts Village.  Since the 1970s, the Tlaquepaque has served as an area landmark due to its authentic Mexican architecture and selection of outstanding galleries.

Your Gateway to the Great Outdoors

A full slate of state and national parks is at your fingertips in Sedona.  In fact, the city is surrounded by over 1.8 million acres of of national forest lands. The Coconino National Forest represents some of the USDA Forest Service’s most diverse acres.  Also, it is really fun word to say. Oak Creek Canyon, Lava River Cave, and Sycamore Canyon make up some of the most popular destinations in this preserve.  The Arizona State Park system is also full of stunning locations; many within easy driving distance of the Ridge on Sedona. Slide Rock State Park is endlessly popular, and home to the coolest slip n’ slide you’ve ever been on.  And of course there is the famous Red Rock State Park, with you guessed it-the Red Rocks I keep talking about.

Chow Down

When the moon hits your eyes, like a nice pizza pie-you’re probably just hungry.  Since Sedona offers some of the best cuisine in all of the Southwest; there’s no need to overthink it because it’s hard to go wrong.  Obviously, they have a pretty good handle on Southwestern cooking here, but there are so many other epicurean experiences to enjoy; from the elegant French fare found at L’Auberage , to the authentic Japanese flavors of Hiro’s Sushi.  A personal favorite of mine is found just minutes from the resort; Oak Creek Brewery & Grill.  Here, freshly brewed beers pair perfectly with the casual menu of gourmet hamburgers and wood fired pizzas.

Hooray Golf!

When I was 15, I was violently force-feed golf lessons by my grandparents.  So after hacking away my precious summer vacation, you can definitely say I have some fond memories of the game I hate most in this world.  But if I learned anything about golfers, it’s that your disdain for the game only strengthens their resolve to talk to you about it incessantly about golf.  So for many, the highlight of the Ridge on Sedona is the 18-hole golf course, which consistently receives four-star rating from Golf Digest (which I am told is a golf magazine).  The championship caliber course is a 6,646-yard, par-71 beauty, that weaves effortlessly between the celebrated Red Rocks of Sedona.  And according to the website, “There is NO DRESS CODE at Sedona Golf Resort…..Golf is for EVERYONE, please come as you are!!!” How progressive.

The Accommodations

Of course, the accommodations found at the Ridge on Sedona are well worth the visit alone.  Luxury and comfort blend to make your stay here a truly memorable and relaxing experience.  Studio, one, and two bedroom units provide the convenience of a condo style vacation; complete with fully furnished kitchens and an available in-suite, washer/dryer.  Private patios usher in stunning views of the surrounding rusted desert landscape. Both secluded hillside whirlpools and a lovely heated pool can be enjoyed both day and night, while, you unwind from the adventures you’ve surely had exploring the area.  Quite simply put, the Ridge on Sedona, is the perfect choice for experiencing all the Sedona has to offer.

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