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If you are anything like me – and believe me when the weather is this gray and rainy you DON’T want to be like me (very grumpy) – you are right now desk-dreaming about somewhere warm and lovely. It can be really anywhere that the sun is shining, it is at least eighty degrees and you are eating something delicious and wearing fake eyelashes. Okay that is really particular to ME, but maybe you at least join me in the part about somewhere warm and sunny. Lately my travel obsession begins and ends with Las Vegas. I happen to love it there. The endless dining, entertainment, and shopping options make this oasis in the desert a great getaway – and a few days is all you need. Since many of our travelers head to Vegas with children in tow, I thought it might be helpful to create a post that lists our Top 5 Vegas for Kiddos. I think it is important to mention that I haven’t brought my little ones to sin-city, but this information comes  from solid “We are there with the kids almost every year because my husband has to go a lot for work. Plenty to do with them!” advice. I narrowed my list to the top 5 things to do or eat or see. It’s not extensive, but will give you a good start, should you be adventurous? enough to bring your brood along.

Vegas High Roller

Now I don’t mean in the casino…I’m talking about the very very tall ferris wheel. Really, what kid doesn’t like a ferris wheel. It’s 550 feet tall – the largest in the world as a matter of fact. It takes a half an hour to make one revolution, so sit back, relax and take in the sites of the city. Each pod can carry up to 40 people, so bring your friends. It is open from noon to 2 A.M. every day, and you can find it at the LINQ, between the Flamingo and the Quad.



Everyone knows the way to a kids heart is through ice cream, and lots of it. Even better if it is topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles. Trust me, this goes a long way in our house. Now imagine how far it goes in Las Vegas. Everyone knows – or they will after this blog post, that food tastes better in Las Vegas. Desserts, especially. [not fact-checkable] So take your family to this dessert den of iniquity, and over consume some sugar.


Gondola Rides

As the website says, no trip to Venice would be complete without a Gondola Ride. That said, you aren’t in Venice. So how about a ride on a Gondola at the closest thing to the sinking city?

I can’t say it better than the “No trip to Venice — or The Venetian — would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola. Float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies and through the vibrant Venetian streetscape as your singing gondolier sweeps you down the Grand Canal for a ride like no other.”

A gondola ride will cost you about twenty a head – in a shared boat. Vessel? But if you are looking for a private ride – it will cost you around eighty bucks for two. But this isn’t a couples blog post, so see shared boat pricing.


CSI Las Vegas

Have a budding scientist on your hands? Or have you ever wondered what it was like to be on CSI? Well, wonder no longer. Vegas has it’s own CSI Experience at the MGM Grand. Join the team to test your investigative skills, and and those of your kids at this fun, and dare I say pretty legit experience, but make sure to get tickets ahead of time, as it is quite popular. (they run about $28 per person)

Here’s some great info from the site:

CSI: The Experience immerses guests in hands-on science while leading them through the challenge of solving a crime mystery. The hands-on exhibit brings to life fundamental scientific principles, numerous scientific disciplines, and the most advanced technology and techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists. Through hands-on activities featuring real equipment and multimedia presentations, guests will sample the following science fields and understand the significance of each in cracking crimes.



Fountains at Bellagio

Since each of the above four activities will cost you some cash, I decided to throw in a freebie. And that said, just people watching in Vegas is worth the cost of the stay…but maybe not for your kids. And let’s not forget that if you walk your kiddies down the strip they are likely to want to get a picture with the litany of characters that line the street. So bring a couple of bucks to throw to the multitude of lookalike-ish Star Wars characters, Minions, Vegas Showgirls, Elmos, Mike Tysons, and people painted with what has to be toxic metallic body paint.

Back to Bellagio and the fountains. Find yourself at the intersection of Flamingo Road and the Vegas Strip at any of the following times:

Monday – Friday: There is a show every half hour from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. and every 15 minutes from 8 p.m. – midnight.

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays:The show runs every half hour from noon – 8 p.m. and every 15 minutes from 8 p.m. – midnight. On Sundays Fountain show times begin at 11 a.m. and run every 15 minutes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Here’s some trivia from the site. It should impress your kids.

Lake area: 375,000 square feet, equivalent to three city blocks or eight football fields. The water could fill 2,000 swimming pools and would take more than a year to fill with a garden hose.

Length of lake: 1,100 feet.

Fountain shooters: 1,214 devices that can shoot higher than a 24-story building.

Maximum water in air at any time: More than 17,000 gallons.


Tripbound plug

Tripbound has a number of resorts in Las Vegas that suit traveling families perfectly. How? One, two, three and even four bedroom units. That way when you bring Grandma, or your babysitter, they stay at the resort – decked out with amenities btw, (just ask your kids they will know the acronym) and you hit the strip. They get up early and go to the pool, you sleep off the previous night’s indulgences.

Everybody wins.


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