Top 5 Tuesday – Ways to beat the winter chill in Williamsburg

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If you have noticed the national weather lately, and how could you not…winter has been most determined to leave its mark. Although I hail from the North, many years in the south have made me leery of snow, sleet, and bone chilling wind. It is very possible that you are having a chuckle at this, considering that Tripbound HQ is located in Williamsburg. Williamsburg, Virginia. In the south. Well that said, it has been cold. Really cold. (For us anyway.) So as I was considering some warm weather blogs for this week, it occurred to me that visitors to our fine city of Williamsburg may also be cold…and need some warming up. So today’s top 5 is about places in Williamsburg to tuck in, and thaw out with a warm dri

The Blue Talon

420 Prince George Street Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757-476-BLUE (2583) If it is snowing, hustle in to the Blue Talon Bistro. Not only will you find “serious comfort food,” and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, but upon snow fall, a cup of hot cocoa is graciously offered to everyone in the restaurant – gratis.


Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square, 431 Prince George Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185  | 757-221-6676 Aromas Specialty Coffee & Gourmet Bakery is a favorite in Williamsburg. They offer a huge menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. The beverage list is comprehensive, and the sections are cleverly named with end-states. The setting is comfortable and warm. Looking for an espresso based drink? Look no further than the Exhilarating category. How about something for the kids? Tranquil offers the non-coffee hot beverages.

Mad About Chocolate

204 Armistead Ave., Williamsburg, VA | 757-645-2995 This chocolate cafe is also located close to Duke of Gloucester Street. Famed chef Marcel Desaulniers owns this cafe and chocolate shop. The menu is wonderful…they even serve Richmond’s famous Billy Bread. Have it with a side salad, or have it toasted with some honey or jam. Mad about chocolate also offers hot chocolate, thick and decadent, guaranteed to take the chill off.

Duck Donuts

4655 Monticello Ave #103, Williamsburg, VA 23188 | 757-258-3825 Although we have mentioned Duck Donuts before, they fit snugly in today’s blog. On a brisk morning, nothing beats walking into a donut store. It’s warm. It’s sugary. It’s delicious. Duck Donuts also has a great cup of coffee, pairing perfectly with the zebra striped donut. If I do say so myself.

Blackbird Bakery

407 W. Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg VA 23185  | 757.229.8610 This beautiful bakery is nicely nestled in Merchant’s Square, so much so that you might miss it if you walk too fast. Make sure to make a stop in for some freshly baked bread, a truffle or two, and a cup of delicious Illy Coffee.

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