4 Family Travel Accessories to Add to Your Wish List

Every seasoned family traveler knows that the best way to travel is with the tools you need to make your vacation easier, more relaxing, and more fun. Here are just a few of our favorite family travel accessories.

1. Micro Scooters.

Whether you’re zipping through the airport to catch your flight or playing hard at your favorite amusement park, make sure the little ones can keep up by getting them each their own micro scooter. These life savers allow the kiddos to get around everywhere you’re going without you having to carry them. A godsend for long days with lots of walking involved.

2. Waterproof cameras.

Why limit your memories to dry land? Equip yourself and your kids with a waterproof camera to take photos while snorkeling or splashing around the ocean. The kids can create their own travel diary and you’ll have pictures of your vacation memories for decades to come. The best buy for your buck when it comes to waterproof cameras is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 at under $150.

family travel accessories to add to your wish list

3. Soundproof headphones.

Are your kids nervous travelers? A good pair of over-the-ear headphones and their favorite movies loaded on a tablet can keep anxious flyers and restless car passengers otherwise occupied for hours. For added fun, check out Crayola MyPhones, which feature volume limits to save their little eardrums, as well as stickers and markers so they can make their pair their own.


family travel accessories to add to your wish list


4. Inflatable bed rails.

If you’ve got kids that toss and turn in the night, you likely worry about traveling with these active sleepers. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a broken nose or bruised forehead. The Wally inflatable bed rail from The Shrunks is less than $20 and rolls up tight to fit in luggage. But most importantly, it keeps your kids safe and snug in their beds with no chance of going overboard, and ensures a good night’s sleep for everyone.


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