4 Last Minute Ideas for Your Summer Vacation

The carefree days of summer are (thankfully!) right around the corner. If you haven’t already planned a family vacation, we’ve got some money-saving tips for last minute trips that will make you the hero of your family.


last minute ideas for your summer vacation


1. Hit the road! Taking a road trip with your family can be a fun and cost-effective way to spend time with the ones you love. Whether it’s to the historic town an hour away or the beautiful national park in a neighboring state, road trips rarely require a lot of planning and can be a lot less expensive than flying. Download some new music or podcasts to enjoy en route.


last minute ideas for your summer vacation


2. Play in your own backyard. If getting out of town this summer isn’t an option, consider a staycation in your own city. Check out the local culture through the eyes of a tourist and explore new restaurants or the art museum you’ve been too busy to visit. You’ll be surprised by what you find. Be sure to visit our website to see if there’s a Tripbound resort in your own town.

last minute ideas for your summer vacation


3. Let someone else drive. Going by bus or train can be a fun and cost-effective mode of transportation without the hassle of airport security lines and crowds. Sit back and enjoy the passing of small towns and the rolling countryside without the stress of having to be at the wheel. Plus, with dining carts available on many trains, who can say no to the luxury of ordering a glass of wine or beer while enjoying the sights.

4. There’s an app for that! Utilize the assistance of travel apps for last minute deals. Check out SkipLagged, a great tool for finding cheap flights or highly discounted “hidden city” flights. Hopper produces a calendar of the cheapest days to fly based on a destination and offers advice as to whether you should wait or book a flight. If you decide to wait, Hopper will send a notification once the airline price drops. Fareness offers round-trip prices for the next two months and is great for travelers who are flexible about their destination.


Ready to start planning your summer vacay? Be sure to check out our list of latest Last Minute Deals.


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