A Tripbound Travel-Loving Family’s Memorable Experience at Wyndham Midtown 45 in New York City

While this destination is known for being a concrete jungle, and the mere thought of bringing the kids along for the ride might overwhelm you, New York Citywithout a doubtwill offer you and your family a vacation experience like no other.

But, don’t just take my word for it. I’ve invited our very own Kim P. to share her experience in the Big Apple while staying at none other than Wyndham Midtown 45 NYC. Get ready to be inspired!

In three words, I would describe this experience as…

Thrilling, unforgettable, and rewarding.

When my family took our trip to New York City, we were so eager to show our four-year-old son, Max, the biggest city in the U.S. (and one of the largest in the world) for the first time.

wyndham midtown 45 in new york city

We knew this trip would be life-changing for him. And, he would be surrounded by sights and sounds he had never experienced before. That’s because my husband and I both remember our first time seeing New York’s iconic skyscrapers. We wanted to do everything we could to minimize stress and make this ambitious vacation a positive, not entirely overwhelming experience for all of us.

wyndham midtown 45 in new york city

So, how did we get there?

There’s a direct Amtrak train route from Richmond to Penn Station. That said, we couldn’t have asked for anything more convenient and straightforward in terms of transportation. We knew Max would love the train ride. And, overall, he was ecstatic about taking a family vacation—just the three of us. Mainly because he had been missing all the personal attention we had been able to give him before his baby brother was born.

I think it’s safe to say that we were all looking forward to spending some quality time together. And, my husband and I just couldn’t wait to give our child the gift of discovering all New York City has to offer.

Where did we stay?

It was a no-brainer to book a suite stay through Tripbound at Wyndham Midtown 45 at New York City.

The staff at this resort was very friendly and accommodating. They also didn’t hesitate to give us some restaurant recommendations when we needed them.

The real standout, however, regarding the resort’s strongest feature was definitely the location. As its name suggests, Wyndham Midtown 45 is situated right in the heart of Manhattan. It’s only two and a half blocks from Grand Central Station!

There’s so much to do within walking distance. Or, if you’re feeling brave, there’s a whole world to explore on the subway system, which was super easy to access from the resort. This aspect is essential for families who want to take the risk and travel to this bustling city with young children. It was so helpful for us to know that if Max, or mommy, needed a break for any reason, the resort was only a short distance away on foot or by subway.

No matter what, we could be back within 20 minutes or less. The resort also has suite-style units with separate rooms, which are great for childcare. Not to mention, having some alone time each night to decompress after a day of adventure.

wyndham midtown 45 in new york city

Our personal favorite of the resort (and moment from the whole trip) was spending time together on the open rooftop. I could watch Max jump into rain puddles as my husband and I took in the gorgeous view of the Chrysler building and all the glowing city lights at night.

wyndham midtown 45 in new york city

What did we do?

Our favorite activities while visiting New York City included exploring the one-of-a-kind Empire State Building, hitting up the Disney Store in Times Square, and romping around the zoo and riding the infamous carousel in Central Park. 


  1. Empire State BuildingThe most iconic skyscraper in the New York City skyline, the Empire State Building, is perhaps on everyone’s travel itinerary when visiting this concrete jungle. One part of the experience that we enjoyed, however, may not be something you’ve considered or even heard of! On the elevator ride up the 86 stories to the observation deck of the building, you can watch a video explaining the history of the building. It shows real footage of the workers who constructed it. I think Max liked this part even more than the city view from the observation deck! It was one of his favorite moments of the entire trip.
  2. Central ParkWe spent a decent amount of time exploring Central Park during our NYC vacation. We loved taking breaks from the hectic city crowds to stroll around the open space, and let Max jump around and run free. You know, without having to grip his hand tightly or keep him glued to our sides. Central Park is a great space for families to reconvene and take a few deep breaths. And, the Central Park Zoo, though it’s a bit small and pricey, has a few exciting exhibits (like penguins!) you and your kids might enjoy.
  3. Times SquareNo New York City experience would be complete without a visit to Times Square. Especially as our primary goal was to introduce Max to New York’s most brilliant sights. So, this was an important stop on our journey. We had a great time running in and out of the enormous stores situated in the square. Max had a blast in the Disney Store, and I took some photographs I’ll always cherish. Plus, I made some memories here that I know I won’t forget.
  4. Beard Papa’s: This quirky little place, Beard Papa’s, has the most delicious cream puffs we have ever had. Back when my husband lived in the city, we used to stop by and grab these scrumptious snacks all the time. But, we noticed many of the stores have closed or relocated. This one on Broadway (Upper West Side location) is one of the last remaining. So, we had a great time reminiscing while munching on our favorite NYC dessert!


wyndham midtown 45 in new york city


All in all, we definitely got what we wanted out of the trip. My husband and I were filled with pride every time we saw Max’s face light up at some new breathtaking sight. And, we really felt like we were opening Max’s mind through showing him this hub of diversity and exposing him to all of the different cultures that are represented in the city.

If given a chance, I think this is a trip we would undoubtedly do again someday. Even now, though it’s been a year since we visited, Max still talks about the trip. He once looked at us and randomly said, “My favorite thing about being four was going to New York City!”

wyndham midtown 45 in new york city

But, that’s the great thing about New York. There’s anything and everything to do! We left feeling fulfilled, but simultaneously like we hadn’t even scratched the surface. We know that we could come back with a whole new itinerary and have another amazing trip.

And, we would encourage families like yours not to be daunted by a vacation in the Big Apple. It can be done, and it is so worth it!

After reading Kim’s travel story, are you feeling inspired to book a sweet, suite stay in NYC sooner rather than later? If so, give your Resort Specialists at Tripbound a call today at 1-888-816-5214. We’re here to take the stress out of family vacation planning and save you some money at the same time!

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