6 Ways to Save Money on Your Family Spring Break Trip

If you’re a parent, your spring break trip looks a lot different than it did in your college days. You’re likely less concerned about the club scene and more concerned about whether the resort you’re considering has a kids’ club. You know, one that serves a wholesome lunch, preferably organic!

And then, there’s the issue of price, which, of course, is based on supply and demand. Many American families want to travel between mid-March and mid-April, and airlines, hotels, resorts, theme parks, and cruise lines know it. Getting a good deal on an all-inclusive beach resort is darn near impossible.

To save money on a spring break vacation, we parents need to “zig” when we’re expected to “zag.” We have to think beyond the obvious destinations. When we do that, we’ll not only save money, but we might have a more memorable experience as a family.

Need help doing precisely that? Check out these ideas to save money on your family spring break!

1. Visit a National Park

save money on your family spring break

In the USA, we’re blessed with perhaps the most exceptional national park system in the world, and you don’t have to wait until summer to explore it. 

In fact, some national parks, like Death Valley and Joshua Tree, are best visited during winter and spring. So if you really want to leave the crowds and peak pricing behind, head to a national park that’s still blanketed in the snow such as Yosemite, Yellowstone or Grand Teton. You’ll feel like you have the park and its immense beauty all to yourself.

2. Stay in the City

While most people head to a beach or theme park during spring break, consider a concrete jungle adventure. Or, in other words, head to one of the USA’s major cities. In general, you’ll find rates for accommodations are lower than in the summer.

Having a hard time choosing? KidTripster has developed family-friendly city guides that identify the Top 10 Plays (activities), Top 10 Stays (hotels/resorts), and Top 10 Eats (restaurants) in urban areas around the country. 

In most cases, these guides have been written by parent-journalists who live in those cities, so you’ll benefit from their insider information. Click here to find out more.

3. Head to the Mountains

save money on your family spring break

Even though most people pack their skis and snowboards away in March, there’s still powder to be enjoyed at many ski resorts. Especially in California, Colorado, and Utah. You’ll discover great deals on spring lift tickets and lodging. Pick a resort that also offers plenty of activities off the slopes to fill out your week. 

For ideas, check out KidTripster’s recommended ski resorts for families, including our Top 10.

4. Grab Your Passport

save money on your family spring break

Most American families travel abroad either during the summer or the holidays. But have you ever considered going during spring break? If you count the weekend(s), you’ll have at least nine days. Plus, you could always pull the kids out of school a day or two early. (Let’s be honest. Not much happens on the Thursday or Friday before a break.)

Where to go? You’ll uncover more affordable rates for spring than summer anywhere in Europe, but the weather is more unpredictable. If you’re planning a visit to a large European capital, like London, Paris, or Amsterdam, you’ll likely spend a fair amount of times indoors anyway. Or embrace the outdoors and go to a place like Iceland, and explore ice caves and glaciers in a heavy coat, of course!

5. Travel with Friends

save on your family spring break

Some of my family’s most memorable vacations have been spent with other family friends. In addition to having built-in playmates, multi-family vacations can be more economical by splitting the cost of lodging.

And I say that from experience. 

Last spring break, my family and my brother’s family shared a two-bedroom unit at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando, which we booked through Tripbound.

6. Plan Ahead

save on your family spring break

Decide where you want to spend spring break no later than November. Why? Because then you can take advantage of the best travel deals of the year on airfare on Cyber Monday.

Need help to not only save money on your family spring break, but also book a getaway that’s perfect and stress-free? The Tripbound team can help!

Shellie Bailey-Shah is editor of KidTripster, an online travel resource for families traveling anywhere in the world with kids.
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