5 Very Good Reasons to Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Cruise Vacation

Are you eager to trade in your typical resort-style getaway for an adventure out at sea? If that’s the case, you just might be feeling as if you could handle the research and book directly through a big cruise booking site yourself.

I mean, why not? You already do ALL. THE. THINGS. But, I’m here on the blog to give you a different perspective—one that will allow you to save time and stress while planning your family’s next voyage.

Yes, you guessed it. I’m revealing five very good reasons to use a travel agent to book your cruise vacation and where to find one when you’re ready to set sail!

1. FREE One-on-One Personalized Customer Service

travel agent to book a cruise vacation

I’m talking about a special kind of customer service you won’t get when using an online booking engine. What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, did you know that when you book with or other major booking sites, you’re, in fact, booking with an (online) travel agent?

So, that must mean you have to be in good hands, right? Wrong. I’m willing to bet you’re not getting much personal service from that experience. Travel agents (including those on big booking sites) receive a commission—averaging between 10-15%—from the cruise line for every traveler who books. But, that commission depends on the cruise line and the volume of bookings completed by the agent/agency.

All that to say, when you choose to team up directly with a travel agent, like those on the Tripbound team, you’ll have a primary point of contact when planning your dream family vacation—from start to finish. Our cruise agents are ready to become your travel BFF, working hard for you and offering oodles of value for that commission.

Best of all, Tripbound doesn’t charge a dime to travel lovers like you when you use our services. So, you’re getting all of that expertise and TLC at no extra charge.

2. FREE Access to Expert Advice

travel agent to book a cruise vacation

Want to make the most of your vacation budget? Partnering directly with a travel agent to book your cruise will help you do just that because, not only will you get your hands on top-notch customer service, but you’ll also get FREE access to expert advice.

Here’s some inside scoop to give you just a taste of the kind of travel tips I’m talking about:

  • Wait to book non-exclusive excursions until you’re on board. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting precious dollars on Atlantis water park passes when the weather is less than favorable. Yup, true story.
  • Save money on the adult beverage bill by taking advantage of daily specials and/or bringing on-board allowances (up to two bottles of wine per person) per cruise policies. I won’t soon forget learning about the daily mimosa/bloody mary special on the very last day of our family’s cruise!
  • On the other hand, DO opt for the unlimited photo package if this is a big cruise splurge with your little ones in tow. You’ll be glad you have those snapshots for years to come AND that you could be present without the need to snap pictures every two minutes – guilty as charged.

There’s more where that came from! Our team’s cruise specialists are not only certified in Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise lines, but we also have experience aboard. So, you can trust us to share all you can expect before setting sail with your travel crew.

3. Special Promotions, Rates & Additional Incentives at Your Fingertips

travel agent to book a cruise vacation

When working with a travel agent, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands as we’ll help you take advantage of the best deal at the time of booking. I mean, as cruise specialists, it’s literally our job to stay on top of upcoming promotions and offers!

We once worked with a young honeymooner to book a cruise vacation under a current promotion, and we had him wait until the following week to book because he was able to save even more money with the upcoming promotion. Not only that, but because of our “connections,” we were also able to line up a complimentary bottle of champagne and strawberries to be in his suite upon arrival.

All that to say, partnering with a travel agent will get you access to often unpublished deals and perks to make your experience all the more memorable!

4. Unbiased Advisors

travel agent to book a cruise vacation

Because we’re passionate about saving you not only money but also time planning your dream vacation, we’re committed to offering the best selection of cruise lines for you—the travel lover. Not the supplier.

Think of it this way: when you’re booking directly through a cruise line, the price you see online already includes the travel agent’s commission (again, this is generally around 10%). So, you’re basically doing all the work and not receiving a cruise deal that’s tailored to you and your family. And, you’re getting a deal that’s meant to get you to pull the trigger – without added perks, value, or the cruise line having your back.

On the other hand, Tripbound specializes in family-centric cruise lines that offer the best value for traveling families like yours. We can help you sift through the ship amenities, suite plans, itineraries, and cruise brands to select THE trip that’s just right for your family and travel style.

5. Sail Away Stress-Free

travel agent to book a cruise vacation

We’ve all been through the “if I’d only known” moments on vacation! Yes, things happen. But, the last thing you want to experience is being out on the water while dealing with an unexpected pitfall. So, save yourself a ton of grief and stress by teaming up with your very own cruise guru.

They can help you get the most out of your cruise vacation experience from start to finish, and also dish out even more first-hand knowledge, allowing you to sail through your vacation with ease.

For starters, take a read through some of these tidbits we’ve uncovered:

  • Carry on your “day-of items,” which can include a swimsuit, sunscreen, and puddle jumpers. It can take hours before your luggage makes its way through security and up to your room.
  • Take the quick 20-minute walking tour when you get onboard so you can get comfortable with the ship right away and take advantage of all your favorite spots ASAP.
  • Avoid booking a room right under the pool deck! Trust me – waking up at 7 a.m. on vacation every morning is anything but relaxing. If only I’d had an experienced agent tell me that BEFORE I chose my “upgraded” suite.

Need I say more? Ultimately, as the adage goes in the travel agency, “Without a travel agent, you’re on your own.” From one busy parent to another, time is of the essence. So, let Tripbound’s cruise specialists do the heavy lifting for you by scouting out the perfect match for your family’s travel preferences and budget, giving you access to exclusive perks and insider knowledge, and helping you feel confident in the fact that you’re getting nothing but the best in family-friendly deals!

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