8 Creative Ideas for Your Kids’ Travel Journal

Traveling with kids is such a great learning experience for them! To be sure your children get the most out of their travel adventures, encourage them to keep a travel journal. Not only will this be a precious keepsake for you, but your kids will love to be able to go back years later and read about the memories that have been engrained in their hearts forever.

creative ideas for your kids' travel journal


There are a bunch of different ways your kids can keep their journals! Here are some creative ideas for kids’ travel journals. Keep a:

  • Log of days, times, and activities and simply write what you did along the journey.

  • Travel learning journal with one thing they learned each day.

  • Family memory bag throughout the trip. Cuts strips of construction paper and let everyone write their favorite memory each day on a paper and add it to the bag, and on the way back you can read them aloud.

  • Memory jar with new treasures things they find each day. Whether it’s a sea shell, or a sticker, keeping little things they find along the way is a fun way for them to seek new treasures everywhere you go.

  • Laugh journal with all the funny things that made them laugh from the start of the trip to the end.

  • Weather journal of what the temps and weather was like each day in this new place.

  • Food journal of all the yummy meals and new treats that were tried throughout the trip. Maybe you can even find a new recipe along the way to try when you come back home.

  • Map journal of your travel journey. Cut out the route you took from a map and your kids can draw along the path as you go.



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