The Top 5 Family-Friendly Grand Cayman Cruise Port Excursions

Grand Cayman is one of those cruise ports you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of. It’s an absolutely stunning island tailored to ocean lovers. Not to mention, the people of the island are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet, and you’ll feel safe getting around by boat or by land.

So, if you’re hoping to experience all of that and more while enjoying a cruise alongside your travel crew, I’ve outlined our top picks for family fun during your cruise port stay! There’s so much to do and see in the area, which can be overwhelming. The good news is, if you plan your vacay time right, you can fit all five of these excursions in before heading back to the boat!

1. Stingray City

grand cayman cruise port excursions

Stingray City is, without a doubt, the creator of memories that will stick with our family for a lifetime. There’s just something about kissing a ray the size of a FIAT that screams memory burn! Wouldn’t you agree? That said, if there was only one must-do as a family in Grand Cayman, I bet you can guess what my answer would be.

This hotspot is set within a large sandbar where hundreds of stingrays have been domesticated over the years through interactions with tourists. And thanks to their domestication, you can touch, swim, and yes… even kiss these sea creatures! As the tours have become so popular, they’ve had to regulate the amount of squid each boat captain can feed the rays daily.

While our captain did a great job explaining just how safe these domesticated rays are, I was still the last one in the water and the first one out as they literally swam around my ankles. Yikes! Would you be brave enough to jump in?

Tripbound Traveler Tip: There’s no age restriction to enjoy any of the tours. Be aware, however, that the stingrays are located on the sandbar, which is a shallow region – approximately only three-feet deep.

2. Grand Cayman Turtle Centre

grand cayman cruise port excursions

Your trip to Cayman Turtle Centre can be completed in less than an hour for just an $18 adult / $9 (kids ages 5-12) entrance fee. Larger packages are available, but I strongly suggest this base level ticket as it includes the main attractions.

The Centre itself is small and free of fanfare, BUT it’s worth the ticket and the hour to hold these beautiful sea turtles and even get into the touch tank wading pools with the baby turtles. It’s an especially great stop if you’re traveling with kids who are too young to snorkel and see these turtles in the wild. I can’t think of an easier way to get up close and personal with Grand Cayman’s beautiful sea-life.

3. Seven Mile Beach

grand cayman cruise port excursions

Seven Mile Beach has often been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world for a great (and obvious) reason. The bright blue clear, calm waters and sugary sand beaches are perfect for splashing and sunning during your Grand Cayman stop.

Be aware that there are many different options for you to stop and take up residence for the day. It’s worth it to consult your taxi driver or the ship’s concierge to discuss your personal preferences and get recommendations. For example, Calico Jack’s is a favorite bar-style hangout that gets pretty crowded on busy ship port days. Meanwhile, Tiki Beach is a bit more secluded. Additionally, Heritage Kitchen is a great option for a no-frills beachfront lunch. No matter what, one thing is for sure – Grand Cayman beaches are breathtaking from any vantage point.

4. Starfish Point

One of the challenges of cruising is packing in the best of an island in only one day. Luckily, we were able to book a boat excursion through Red Sail Sports that offered us a visit to Starfish Point, and included snorkeling the reef, Stingray City, and the peaceful mangroves all in one half-day excursion. We left at 8:30am and were back by 1:30pm, allowing us time to see the Turtle Centre and Seven Mile Beach before the day was through.

Starfish Point is just as its name suggests – an area right offshore where large starfish can be found. Holding these amazing creatures was nothing short of remarkable. You can feel their suction as they literally wrap and mold themselves around your hand. We had read online that locals planted these starfish daily for unassuming tourists, so we went into this stop a little skeptical.

When we asked the locals about this “conspiracy theory,” however, their simple answer was, “Us islanders are far too lazy for that to be true.” So, after visiting and meeting the locals, I can attest to the ridiculousness of this rumor.

5. Snorkel the Reef

grand cayman cruise port excursions

Grand Cayman is home to some beautiful coral reefs. There’s no shortage of stops where you and your little ones can spot beautiful fish. Our particular boat excursion came complete with an onboard photographer who not only captured great family photos but also helped locate some really unique sea creatures.

He pointed out a well-camouflaged flounder on the bottom of the seafloor, which I would never have seen. Trust me. Also, he brought my husband over to see a moray eel while I hid over by the boat. And there were literally schools of every color fish you could imagine for all three of us to marvel at. It wasn’t long before my nine-year-old was falling in love with snorkeling!

Overall, this was another travel bucket list adventure checked off our family’s list, and one that we’ll remember forever.

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