How to Have a Happy Plane Ride with Your Toddler

Taking your little ones to the beach, snow skiing, or to Disney for the first time is a great experience. Getting them there is not. Many parents dread taking their toddlers on an airplane, but with these expert travel tips, you have nothing to worry about.

how to have a happy plane ride with your toddler

Getting to the airport.

As you’re well aware, kids slow things down. Be extra prepared with a detailed to-do list and leave earlier than necessary to make room for unexpected delays.

Getting through TSA.

The good news is that at most airports, children under 12 can keep their shoes on while passing through airport security. The bad news is, all children have to come out of their strollers and carriers at the TSA checkpoint. This can be unwelcome if you have a peaceful, sleeping baby, so just be prepared.

Getting on the plane.

Most airlines allow those traveling with small children to board the plan first. Definitely take advantage of this, for your sake and for others’. But be sure to send someone onto the plane first to set up the seating area to minimize the muss and fuss caused by trying to get your little one settled. A tantrum at the beginning of the flight can unravel the rest of the flight.

Getting through the flight.

Tablets and other electronics are godsends when it comes to traveling with kids. Just be sure they don’t come out until the child is on the plane. Having to separate your toddler from their toy during security or boarding can cause tears for them and much grief for you.

Getting along with neighbors.

While most travelers keep their composure in the face of a crying child, some do not. If your child gets restless and noisy, simply do your best to calm them. Confrontations over crying kids usually only happen when it appears that the parent is ignoring the scene at the expense of everyone around them.

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