How to Play Tourist in Your Own City With Your Kids

If you forced me to name one negative thing about travel, I’d rack my brain trying to find an answer. I love traveling. It expands our perspectives, exposes us to a new culture, and is downright fun. But, I’d probably say the fact that it can get expensive, tiring to plan, and pack and unpack is what can make traveling somewhat challenging.

Then, I’d follow up my answer with a solution. Travel around your hometown!

Have you taken the time to explore your area since you settled in? Chances are, it’s been years since you established your routine and it’s been that long since you’ve ventured around your city like a tourist. So, expand your horizons in your backyard with the kids. You can break free from the same old same old activities without spending a ton of money, packing, and time away from obligations.

With this in mind, let me share how you can play tourist in your own city with your kids! Who knows, you might find yourself falling in love with what’s in your own “backyard” all over again.

1.  Do your research!

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

Check with a local family-friendly website or family travel blogger such as And, browse Yelp for suggestions, too.

Even though you already know the area, there might be new, fun things that sprang up over the past few years that you’re likely to miss when you’re functioning in an established routine. I mean, how many of us have time to hear about new attractions when we’re consumed with the soccer field, car line, work, and let’s face it, sleep?

Find out what everyone else is raving about in your hometown and start from there.

2.  Get the kids involved in the planning.

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

An excellent way to get your kiddos excited about a getaway, whether it’s traveling to someplace new or exploring your own backyard, is to involve them in the process. While you’re preoccupied with to-dos, there’s a good chance that your mini-me heard of the thrilling new attraction built on the other side of town and is dying to go.

So, ask them what they’d like to do to try something new in their city. Set parameters, so they know that while you want to hear their wishlist, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get to do everything they bring up.

Create a family Pinterest board and let them add things they find, then review it together as a family. And also, delegate research. One of the reasons to play tourist in your city is to save time, right? So, give each of your littles a topic, like food, attractions, events, and outdoor explorations to research and see what ideas they come up with!

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3.  Choose a different mode of transportation for a tour around town.

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

There’s so much you don’t notice when you’re driving around town. Think about when you’re visiting a new place on vacation. I don’t waste timing sitting in traffic, and, I’m sure, neither do you.

Try signing up for a Segway tour, renting a bike (if you don’t have one), taking the subway, or just walking. This gives you a fresh perspective and experience as you interact with your city and its people differently!

4.  Try a new restaurant with local flavors.

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

You can rely on the candidness of Yelp for authentic reviews of local restaurants. Thus, go to the restaurants with the highest number of stars. Then, instead of ordering the dish you’d typically order, let the server bring you their best-selling entree.

Also, consider a food tour. Is there a better way to get to know your city than by taking a tour that features all the good eats? Learn more about your town’s history and relationship with food while sampling all the delicious works of art. You might even find your new favorite date night destination and a fun place to take visitors when they stop by!

5.  Take lots of photos to remember the experience.

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

What’s one thing you can be sure to find tourists in your town doing? Taking photos in front of all the cheesy attractions. So, grab your camera and head out to all the touristy spots just as you would when exploring a new city!

Capture your kiddo reenacting the statue in the middle of town. Take photos of them making sand castles, even though they’ve done it a million and one times. Click the picture that makes them look like they’re holding up the building in the background like everyone does with the Eiffel Tower. If you let yourselves get into it, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

6.  Stay at a local resort to take things to a new level!

how to play tourist in your own city with your kids

Now, this is the moment when your BFFs at Tripbound come in handy. You don’t have to leave town to get out of the house and find a new home away from home for the night (or five).

Staying at a Tripbound suite in your hometown allows you to escape the usual routine without having to spend time and energy planning or packing multiple bags. And you know what that means, right? A stress-free vacay!

Getting an escape from your normal routine doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or time planning. If you only have a few days to step back from your responsibilities, then play tourist in your own city. Among the break in routine, you may find a new appreciation for your hometown and learn why visitors love it so much too.

Once you decide to play around in your backyard, the rest is easy. And, if you plan to add tip number six to your agenda, be sure to browse our resort portfolio for instant booking, and our resort specialists will set you up in your very own suite just minutes from your home.

Have you played tourist in your hometown? We’d love to hear a tip that helped you break away and have fun! Get connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we can all feel inspired to travel.

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