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Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Travel Coordinator and super mom, Megan W., tells her top 5 reasons why visit Busch Garden’s Christmas Town Williamsburg, VA. this holiday season and relays helpful, insider tips for families visiting the park. Are you looking for a great way to get into the Christmas spirit or add a new Christmas tradition to your holiday season? Look no further, because Christmas Town has something to offer guests of any age after all, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” to visit Busch Garden’s Christmas Town in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Christmas Lights

Busch Gardens Themes Are Breathtaking

As soon as you walk through the gates of Christmas Town you are greeted by breathtaking displays of holiday lights. In fact each country of Busch Gardens themes a different color and style of twinkling holiday lights. In Holiday Hills you’ll find all the large colorful 1950s styled Christmas lights and decorations. Grandparents love this area as it brings back special memories to share with their grandchildren of what Christmas looked like “back in the day.” My personal favorite is the Ireland forest. Not only are the trees wrapped in all green Christmas lights but as you walk through the forest soft instrumental Christmas music plays in the background. You can even smell the fresh fir from the trees as you walk by them. I highly recommend setting aside time in your visit to stroll through the entire park only focused on the Christmas lights. If you have guests in your group with walking difficulties, the park offers a variety of ways to see all the lights without walking the entire park. You can ride the 20 minute Christmas Railway all around the park or hop the “Flight of Lights” sky ride for a higher view of all the lights. For a reindeer view, a ride on Nacht Tower will also give you the highest view of the 8 million Christmas lights. Don’t worry this ride has been altered to bring you slowly back down to land for a peaceful ride.
Helpful TipViewing Christmas lights pairs perfectly with an enjoyable cup of peppermint hot cocoa (buy the souvenir cup for cheap refills because you will want more hot cocoa as the night continues) or enjoy a cup of hot spiced German wine.
Santa’s Workshop at Busch Gardens

Santa’s Workshop At Busch Gardens

Have you ever watched a Christmas movie set in the North Pole and wished you could visit Santa and his elves in the workshop? This dream comes to life when you enter the North Pole area of Christmas Town. The feeling of entering Santa’s workshop and meeting Santa, Mrs. Clause and the friendly elves will make guests of any age want to hop on Santa’s lap and tell him exactly what you want for Christmas. Santa and Mrs. Claus spend individual time with each child to be sure they know exactly what they want for Christmas. Busch Garden’s photographers will even capture the entire experience for you and also let you capture a few cell phone pictures yourself.
Helpful TipDue to the popularity of this attraction at the park I would highly recommend visiting Santa’s Workshop upon arrival, as it is usually less crowded when the park opens.  
Entertainment At Busch Gardens Christmas Town

Entertainment at Busch Gardens Christmas Town

The shows at Busch Gardens Christmas Town really make you want to “Rock Around The Christmas Tree” as they bring to life all your favorite Christmas carols from past to present. Guests will experience the sense of true Christmas magic during the live musical “Scrooge No More” and find themselves singing along to the catchy Christmas carols during “Deck The Halls.”  Busch Garden’s recently added a spectacular ice skating show called “Twas That Night” featuring World-champion figure skater Elvis Stojkowhich. This show is packed full of fun and adventure, it will keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.  Don’t forget to check your schedule for show times to catch the “O’ TANNENBAUM” light show in Germany.  This 50 foot Christmas tree musical light show will keep you humming Christmas carols long after you leave the park.
Helpful Tip:  Arrive to the park at opening and you can catch many of the shows during the daylight to maximize your evening hours outside when the Christmas lights are at their brightest. Catching a show in an inside theater is also a great way to warm up on a chilly evening.  
Food at Christmas Town

Food At Christmas Town

The food at Christmas Town is above and beyond your average theme park food.  In Oktoberfest at Beste Brezeln Und Bier you can enjoy of fresh hot hand rolled pretzel and delicious seasonal beer. At Das Festhaus you can enjoy a traditional turkey dinner complete with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. If you plan your showtimes with your dinner time you can enjoy the soundings of “Deck The Halls” while enjoying your Christmas dinner. The dessert options are also endless. Enjoy a hot funnel cake, homemade fudge, homemade doughnut holes, and freshly popped kettle corn to name a few. With all the delicious food offerings, you will undoubtedly not leave Christmas Town hungry.
Helpful TipLooking for a quiet dinning option on a busy night at Christmas Town? The park offers an all you can eat Christmas Dinner Buffet in a heated dining tent behind the Das Festhaus. The buffet is delicious and the area is generally not crowded as its location is off the main path. This is a great spot to take a large group as it is easy to find seating together.

Establishing a New Christmas Vacation Tradition

If you are looking for a new Christmas vacation tradition to start with your family or friends, Busch Garden’s Christmas Town is the perfect addition. Guests of all ages (small children to elderly grandparents) will enjoy the magical experience of Christmas Town. When I asked several friends and family what their must see attractions are when attending Christmas Town it was unanimous. Everyone loves the tradition of going every year with their family and friends. It is truly a festive Christmas experience family and friends can experience together for years to come. Each year brings new memories as the park continues to add new attractions to Christmas Town each year. New for 2016 Christmas Town – Sesame Street Forrest of Fun will be open for the Christmas Town Season and meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and all of his friends in Holiday Hills.
Helpful Tip: Plan ahead – especially if you are bringing a large group to the park. Busch Garden’s daily schedules and show times are published on their website days ahead of time. Make a plan based on show times to catch all your must do attractions. Most guests start at the front of the park and work their way around. To avoid the crowds, make your way to the back of the park first.
Christmas Town opens November 25th and continues through select dates till January 2nd. Looking to visit multiple times through the season? Fun Cards are available for purchase for $38 per person and include unlimited visits to Christmas Town (please note: fun cards do not include parking).

Busch Gardens Hacks With Insider Tips

Visit during the week – Christmas Town tends to be the busiest on the weekends. The best Busch Gardens hacks with insider tips you should follow is to visit the park on a Friday or Sunday it tends to be less crowded. Another great time to visit is the week between Christmas and New Years. Many guests want to experience Christmas Town before Christmas but the feeling is just a magical after Christmas and the park tends to be less crowded.
Arrive Early – The park opens at 2pm, however many guests do not arrive until dark. When you arrive at opening you are able to catch early show times and rides with shorter lines. This will also free up your time after the park gets dark and spend more time checking out all the Christmas lights at their brightest.
Wear layers – The weather in Williamsburg usually changes drastically after dark. It can be 60 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon and 40 degrees by 6 p.m., dressing in layers will allow you to be comfortable throughout the day. Comfortable shoes are also recommended, as there is a lot of walking.
Bringing small children to Christmas Town – Christmas Town is one of the best times of the year to bring small children to Busch Gardens as many of the rides and entertainment are suitable for children. A few tips include: 1) Bring a stroller as smaller children can stay warmer in a stroller with a blanket. 2) Bring snacks – Busch Gardens does not allow outside food but they will allow you to bring snacks for young children into the park. The snacks help keep the kids entertained while waiting in line.
Busch Gardens offers many child care stations throughout the park for parents to feed babies and change diapers.
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