5 Reasons Why Travel Agencies Aren’t Extinct

While the traditional walk-in brick-and-mortar travel agencies might be a thing of the past, travel agencies are far from extinct.

Now, if that last sentence has you feeling a bit baffled, long story short, the way they do business had to ​evolve versus surrender to the changing times. And, I’m here to prove that if you choose to team up with a travel agency as soon as you’re ready to get to planning a perfect vacation, you’ll grab hold of a wide variety of benefits, while saving your family some serious cash and precious time!

1. They Provide Seriously Valuable Knowledge and Expertise

travel agencies aren't extinct

In today’s digital age, there’s no replacement for personal experience and insider knowledge. You not only want the ability to make sure you’re choosing the right resort for you and your family, but you’re also taking full advantage of the experience when you arrive to make it stress-free.

And, to acquaint our travel agency with the resorts we offer, we have access to the following to name a few:

–  FAM Trips: ​​FAM stands for familiarization. And, these types of trips are provided as a way for agencies and their agents to obtain an understanding of the benefits they can share with you, their clients. With first-hand experience, we’re able to pinpoint the perfect vacation for you—one that suits your wants and needs.

– Certification Programs: ​​Seeking travel agent certification is a matter of professional pride, and helps build trust and credibility with clients. According to ​The Travel Institute​, “Certified Travel Associates (CTAs), Certified Travel Counselors (CTCs) and Certified Travel Industry Executives (CTIEs) are required to earn a minimum of ten Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to maintain their certification and ensure that their travel-industry knowledge is up-to-date.” There are many approved certification programs on the market—ranging from destination specialists (think Hawaii, Alaska, and more) to family travel. And, this helps to stay up-to-date on all the latest in the travel agency so you and your family can make the most of your vacation experience.

Ultimately, by continually increasing our level of knowledge and expertise through the above, you can arrive at your destination with the peace-of-mind knowing you have ALL the details of what your getaway will be like. No unmet expectations. Period.

2. They Cut Through the Online Noise

When choosing to go off on your own and handle your vacation research and booking, you could inevitably end up spending hours upon hours trying to scout out the best of the best deal that matches ​exactly​ what you’re looking for.

Is it in a good area? Are the main attractions we want to see close by?

Does it provide my family with room to spread out and amenities to make the most of our stay?

What’s the fine print? Is there a strict cancellation policy should something come up?

And, that doesn’t even include poring over pages upon pages of reviews from fellow travel lovers. Thus, you end up with a mixed bag of supposed experiences from people who have different preferences and expectations!

All that to say, finding the perfect vacation is a full-time gig. So, when you decide on partnering with a travel agency, you can save yourself some major time because, well, they’re experts at cutting through the online noise and curating options that best suit your preferences and budget!

3. They Help Save Parents Time When They’re Just Too Darn Busy

travel agencies aren't extinct

Going off of my last point, time is a precious commodity to you. ​Especially​ when you’re a parent. Chances are, you’re chauffeuring kids from point A to point B after a long day of work or taking care of your growing family. Then, you’ve got to rush home to cook dinner for picky palates, help your mini-mes who are in school with their homework, and get them ready for bed.

So, when could you possibly find the time to pencil in taking on the role of planning an entire family vacation? Depending on where you want to go and how long you want to stay there, you could end up dedicating anywhere between 10-30 hours of your treasured time to this daunting task.

And, that’s where a trusted travel agency can come in handy. They’ll step right in and take this to-do off your plate entirely! That way, you can focus on rocking your parental responsibilities while looking forward to escaping the day-to-day grind soon.

4. They Scout Out the Best Deals

travel agencies aren't extinct

I’ve mentioned this once (or twice) before already. But, this deserves its own section. After all, there’s a resurgence of travel agents and agencies that cater to everyday family vacations—not just grand European adventures.

Yes, I’m talking about agencies like Tripbound that specialize in bringing together the very best deals for families like you, so you​ don’t have to hunt forever on Google and compromise on service. And, if you think the great deal you’ll end up getting will eliminate itself as soon as you “hire” a travel agency, get ready to think again.

5. They Act As Your FREE Travel Planning Assistant & BFF

travel agencies aren't extinct

Most travel lovers resort to traditional booking sites such as Expedia and It’s what they know and remember thanks to the jingles that come across the TV. But, you might ​not know that these popular sites ARE travel agencies.

With that in mind, consider how much ​personal service​​ you’re receiving for giving them your business.

Yeah, very little. If ​any.

On the other hand, travel agents and agencies receive a commission directly from resorts and cruise lines upon booking. Yes, at no extra cost to the traveler. All you’ll be responsible for is the cost of your trip. And, in return, you get the one-on-one, customized service of a friendly, knowledgeable travel pro.

Note, however, most agencies (if they offer them) will charge for additional services that are ​not commissionable such as airfare and customized itineraries. So, in the end, if you consider your time to be valuable and worth money, it’s a worthwhile investment!

Well, there you have it. Travel agencies are, in fact, ​far from extinct. Instead, many have successfully made the shift to be able to thrive across the Internet and continue to provide value to travel-loving families all around the world.

Now, there’s only one decision left to make: will ​you​ be teaming up with a travel agency the next time you’re ready to plan a vacation?

If so, and you’re wondering where to turn, look no further than Tripbound. ​​As a modern online travel agency located in Williamsburg, Virginia, we’re here to help you book nothing short of a perfect getaway.

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