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How Luggage Pickups Work

Your luggage is precious to us. We’ve got you covered.

Shipping luggage

The Basics of Luggage Pickups

  • Schedule a Pickup: When you are paying for your order you can add a pickup on a select date for a small fee.
  • Doorstep Collection: With a slight additional charge, luggage can be picked up right from your home, hotel, resort, apartment or any location you choose.
  • Pickup Times: Generally, you can expect your luggage to be picked up between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. If you’re not around, you can leave your luggage outside your home, ensuring the shipping label is clearly visible.
  • Instructions: We do not have direct communication with the UPS pickup driver. A pickup order will simply instruct them to go to the usual package drop-off area of the address. Drivers won’t have access to complex gate codes or similar security measures. If you require specific pickup instructions for the driver, please contact our support team.

Pickups From Different Locations

1. Hotels and Resorts

  • Most have a designated shipping and receiving area. Confirm this with the hotel’s Guest Services.
  • Always ensure your shipment has proper label.
  • In case you leave your shipment at the front desk, make sure they know the ship date and carrier.
  • Planning to travel before your departure? Schedule your pick up for the day after to avoid inconveniences.
  • Note: Some hotels or resorts might have additional handling fees, which aren’t related to the shipping service.

2. Apartment Pickups

  • Check with your building management about the usual pickup areas.
  • Ensure the building is operational on your pickup day, as some might have restricted access times.
  • Leave your luggage in the lobby, mailroom, or where packages are normally dropped off.

3. Residential Pickups

  • Houses: If you’re not home, you can leave your luggage outside, ensuring it is labeled well. For any specific location preferences, such as a side door, leave a note and inform the customer support team.
  • Apartment Buildings: For apartments, the best approach is to leave your luggage with a doorman, in the lobby, or a designated shipping area.

4. Rental Properties

  • Opt for a pickup date at least a day before you leave to ensure someone’s available for a smoother process.
  • On-site leasing or management offices can also be pickup points, provided they permit it.
  • Plan on extending your vacation? You can always reschedule your pickup with the customer support team.

5. Business Locations

  • If you’re shipping from a commercial area, know that the driver who usually picks up packages (like UPS or FedEx) will likely pick up your luggage.
  • Always leave the shipment in the regular pickup area, even if you’ve mentioned a suite number.

Key Takeaways

  • Always ensure your luggage is properly labeled.
  • Drivers will not be equipped with packaging materials, so be prepared in advance.
  • It’s imperative to provide clear instructions, but complex security details like gate codes won’t be entertained.
  • Understand the nuances of the location you’re shipping from – be it a hotel, travel event, residence, rental property, or business.
  • And lastly, while shipping your luggage might seem a bit challenging, with the right approach, it can be as smooth as a perfect trip!

Traveling with your luggage has never been easier. Happy travels!